Election 2016

"I Voted" sticker from 2016 USA election

It’s been a week since the U.S. voted a new president in and I thought I give my opinion on the whole process/outcome.

The day started off with me being like, “okay I’ll vote but I’m not feeling it” mood.  I’ve had this feeling before when it came to voting: back in 2000 and 2004 when George W. Bush won.  I wasn’t feeling the candidate the Democrats had and wished I’d voted for Nader after the fact.  Anyway, I go to my polling place where the election judges are all over 60+; not that there is anything wrong with older people being judges, but at least have someone who is a millennial there.  Back in 2008 and 2012, there were younger people as judges at my polling place, which I was happy to see because people always complain younger people aren’t involved in politics (like this election).  But this is beside the point.

So after the old people fuck my name up to find me on their paperwork, I wait in line to vote.  I get my ballot (we do paper ballots instead of electronic [as I was used to using]) filled it out, scanned it through some machine, and got the fuck out of there; pissed off because of some old bitch and her dumbfuck granddaughter cut me off in line, claiming she was disabled.  I swear if voting is going to be like this, I’ll just do absentee voting instead.  Then I go to work and have a heated discussion about Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders and not voting.

As the night wore on and I saw the election results, I knew when Hillary lost Ohio, it was over for her and Trump would be president.  The next day, I was sad and mad the entire day and my co-workers didn’t help my mood either.  But I accept the results and in 2020, I’ll vote again to vote out Trump.

Am I worried about what he is going to do, hell yes!  Is there things I can do to change things, yes: be more active in movements I support, possibly become an election judge so these old farts can know what the fuck they’re doing, and pressure this president-elect to not change everything Obama has put in place during his eight years.  Could I go protest, yeah, but that shit doesn’t do much of anything.  It’s behind the scenes where people need to put their energies and lobby to keep things going.  Be the change, people.

So here’s the 2017 and the next four years of dumbass Trump being president.  Hopefully, he will be a one-and-done term president.

*Sidenote: I’m not a democrat, I’m an independent and vote mostly in general elections due to Maryland state laws that state Independents can’t vote in primaries.


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10 facts about me

Hi, and welcome to my blog.  Since I’m new to the “new” blogging community and didn’t want to do a boring ass intro, here are ten (10) facts to break the ice.

  1. I love pretzels.  Not the soft kind either; good ole hard pretzels (Snyder’s of Hanover where you at!).
  2. I have two pets: a black Shih-Tzu named Coco and a beta fish named Oscar.  They might make appearances on this blog eventually.
  3. I currently work at a photo lab.  I’m the film specialist there.
  4. My bachelor degree is in art (Fine Art Photography).
  5. I love to shoot film, mostly black and white film but recently I’ve been shooting color films. (see a pattern here).
  6. I hate summer.
  7. I love autumn.
  8. I’m a native Baltimorean who can’t stand the hometown teams (Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens).
  9. I’m crafty.
  10. I need to be less of a perfectionist and worry less so I can get shit done.

So, with that out of the way, I going to take a big leap and see where this goes.  Until next time..

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